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About Fluent.

Who we are

The Mission of FLUENT is to be the Trade and Finance international platform for the niche energy players by providing commercial and technical services, “know how” and synergies to its partners, satisfying its suppliers, clients, employees and local community on a long term basis, while delivering steady positive return, under a tight risk management approach.

Fluent S.A. is a privately owned company founded in 2012, whose core business is commodities trading, and advisory services in the energy sector. FLUENT is headquartered in Geneva, the leading world oil-trading hub, with global network of branches and offices in Middle-East, Central America, Europe, West Africa and Russia.
FLUENT provides an international platform for its partners and clients to develop their business on a global scale, providing market knowledge, trading and risk management expertise. It obtains competitive prices to secure the best supplies and markets, and raises financing for oil trading activities and energy investments worldwide.

Fluent Services.

What we do

FLUENT is engaged in three main lines of business

Oil Trading

Trading of crude oil and oil products

Oil Trading

Trading of crude oil and oil products

FLUENT sources and trading partners includes oil majors, National Oil Companies, Med, West and Far East refineries, large traders, and importers of oil products.

Commodities Consulting

Energy and Commodities projects

Commodities Consulting

Energy and Commodities projects

FLUENT provides consulting, advisory services, technical expertise and support for, set up and development of oil and commodities trading activities.

E & P Assets

Brokerage E&P Assets

E & P Assets

Brokerage E&P Assets

FLUENT holds almost exclusive mandates to sell Oil Fields, with a specific focus on those oil fields already producing, conventional at with low producing cost.

Fluent Solutions.

our expertise

FLUENT’s management core objective is to ensure that the following factors are all fully and permanently mastered.

• COMMERCIAL:to get access to products and products sources, with procurement capabilities to acquire products in quantity and to terms, and to get access to the international markets and niches to generate the highest return

• LOGISTICS: to provide delivery capabilities for moving products to customers safely, efficiently and timely, and to guarantee contractual performance

• FINANCE: to secure financing for moving and trading products between buyers and sellers, managing the risk

• TAX & LEGAL: to optimize the integrity of transaction and guaranteed performance.

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Quai des Bergues 23, 1201 Geneva Switzerland

+41 22 310 03 36 (Main)

+41 22 566 02 89 (Fax)

General enquiry: info@fluent.ch

Trading Department: trading@fluent.ch

Business Consulting Department: consulting@fluent.ch


FLUENT is looking to work with the brightest and most talented people in the industry.

HR department: HR@fluent.ch